Lens Coatings/Tints

Anti-Scratch Coating While no coating can prevent scratches, an anti-scratch coating, as the name implies, can make your lenses more scratch resistant. Recommended for eyeglass wearers who work in dusty environments to increase the life of the lenses.
Anti-Reflective Coating (anti-glare coating) For people who wear glasses, distracting reflections and glare can rob the eyes of the up to 14 percent of available light. AR lenses allow virtually all the available light to pass through the lens for sharper, clearer, more comfortable vision. Recent tests prove that people are able to see more clearly with AR lenses, especially under low light conditions like driving at night. Key benefits of AR lenses include: glare reduction, better night vision, better computer vision (especially when using LCD monitors), better lens cosmetics, and reduced eye fatigue. Clear View Eye Clinic highly recommends anti-reflective coating for all eyeglass wearers, and highly recommends the Crizal Avance with Scotchguard brand as the most superior coating available. View demos of why the Crizal Avance is your best option.

Transitions Transitions Lenses change from clear to dark, & block 100% of harmful UV rays. The newest generations of these lenses darken and lighten faster than ever before, and are available in most every lens material. It is useful to know, however, that Transitions lenses will not darken in the car, as they react to UV light, and our windshields in North America have been treated with a UV filter.
Polarized Lenses Polarized lenses improve vision, especially in strong light conditions. They do this by controlling which light rays are allowed to enter the eye. By filtering-out reflected and scattered light, vision is crisper, and eye fatigue is reduced, as the visual system doesn't have to "search" through a glared image. Polarized lenses will protect you from UV rays, glare and intense light.
UV Coating UV Coating, also called a UV filter, is a bath treatment that effectively gives lenses the ability to block 100% of harmful ultraviolet light rays.
Tints Lens tints come in a full spectrum of color options, and range from light tints for indoor glare reduction or cosmesis, to dark tints for maximum brightness reduction of sunlight. Colors may be selected based on appearance, but individuals who engage in certain sports or professions may find our Clear View Eye Clinic Specialty Tint Chart useful in selecting a tint best suited to their needs.
Mirrored Coatings Mirrored coatings reduced glare and brightness as well as provide a dramatic and appealing cosmetic appearance. Traditionally, silver mirror was the most common of these coatings, but today, mirror coatings also come in blues, greens, golds, reds, oranges, and violets, allowing for a more custom match to the frame of your choice.