Eyeglasses & Contact Lenses

Here will find information about eyeglass and contact lens options. Select from the topics listed to the right. At Clear View Eye Clinic, we feel you should be educated on these options so that you can better decide which options fit your visual needs. Of course, our staff is always available to answer questions and make personalized recommendations of what will be best for you.

A Note for Contact Lens Wearers:

Contact lenses are medical devices and should be treated as such.

In recent years, there's been so much commercial hype that they're often put in the same category as a six-pack of soda. That's a mistake. Remember that contact lenses still require a prescription, and they should be fitted and handled with the same care that goes into any other medical prescription.

A proper fitting of your new contact lenses will confirm that your vision has been corrected accurately, while also assuring that your eyes won't be damaged by wearing the devices. Risks are inherent in any treatment, but by following your PRESCRIBED guidelines outlined by your optometrist, these risks can be greatly reduced. Note: EVERYONE should read the lens care section.